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Soil Sunrise

Large Live Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

Large Live Sarracenia Pitcher Plant

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Soil Sunrise Big Live Sarracenia Pitcher Plant; Surprise Variety, XL Size

This sarracenia pitcher plant is a carefully nurtured specimen from our greenhouse in southeastern Kentucky. We select only the healthiest plants for our orders, so your plant may be a Scarlet Belle, a Judith Hindle, or a Purpurea. At 4-5 inches tall with 4-9 pitchers, it's a striking addition to any collection.
The plant comes potted in our custom Soil Sunrise potting blend, which provides optimal nutrition and drainage for your plant. The pitchers of the sarracenia are designed to capture and digest insects, making it a unique and fascinating addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: You receive a carefully packed sarracenia pitcher plant potted with a special potting blend with peat moss & perlite, and a plant care instruction sheet.

TIPS: Never water your pitcher plant with tap water. Always use distilled water or rainwater, so make sure you have some special water ready for your baby plants when they arrive.


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